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Conservation is planned management and restoration of the environment, its natural ecosystems, vegetation and wildlife. The conservation of the environment is essential for all those who share this beautiful planet. We’re all connected and every one of our actions has a reaction that impacts all of us. For instance, trees are very important for the conservation of clean water, air, animal habitat and local economies. Careful planning and considerations must be made to mitigate potential impacts of our actions. Examples include planting trees and native plant species, building safe roads, and protecting streams from excessive runoff.

The United States Forest Service is an agency that conserves National Forests and Grasslands for multiple uses. This means that we manage and sustain these areas for the benefit of everyone, including providing recreation, harvesting trees for wood products, restoring rivers and aquatic areas, managing habitats to protect sensitive animals and plants, conserving protected areas, research and much more! http://www.fs.fed.us/aboutus/meetfs.shtml

The Forest Service’s Conservation Education program helps students gain knowledge and develop an appreciation for the natural resources surrounding them. At its core, the program aims to instill responsibility in students, so they learn to conserve resources for themselves and future generations. Students can learn about numerous issues that affect the environment including climate change, water conservation and wildfire prevention.

For the latest information on conservation efforts in classrooms throughout the U.S. you can also check out the EPA’s student blog where students and teachers can find resources on various environmental topics. Also, if you or someone you know is making a contribution to the environment you can fill out this form for a chance to be featured on their homepage.

For some cool games to help you better understand conservation, go to http://www.epa.gov/students/games.html and test your knowledge.

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