Discover the Forest - Busy Family :60 RADIO COMMERCIAL

Mom: So, Jaclyn.

Girl: Yes Mom….

Mom: I wanted to talk to you about (BUZZ) something and… oh wait (BUZZ) hold on I just got a text. Oh, there’s another one! Wow, busy, busy me! So anyway ….

Girl: (DING) Oh wait Mom I just got a message (ding). My friends keep commenting on my comment (ding) . Oh there’s another one! Soooo many comments on my comment!

Dad: Oh I can’t wait to watch TV tonight. Playoffffffffffs! (TV SOUNDS)

Boy: Hey guys, check out my new video game! Broom boop booom (VIDEO GAME SOUNDS)

(All sounds now overlapping, them Simultaneously:)

Girl: Wait mom what?

Dad: What hold on

Boy: Wait a sec, what?

Announcer: This weekend ….. (SUDDENLY, ALL SOUNDS STOP) Un….plug

(MUSIC UP) Take your family to the forest. (Forest SFX Throughout) There’s nothing in the world like experiencing nature first hand. Trees, paths, blue birds, streams. Getting closer to nature, can get you closer to your family. To find the forest nearest you, go to Brought to you by the US Forest Service and the Ad Council.