• Book Of Stuff To Do!

    Book Of Stuff To Do!

    Download and print this book full of games and adventures to take with you, and discover the forest!

  • Parent Guide

    A guide for parents so the whole family can enjoy an escape to the forest.

  • Leaf Rubbings

    Leaf Rubbings

    Leaf rubbings are a cool way to document your forest discoveries. See what they’re all about, then get outdoors and make your own.

  • Animal Tracks

    Animal Tracks

    Can you match the tracks to the animal that left them behind? Next time you head outdoors, see if you can spot the foot, paw or hoof prints of some forest friends.

  • Animal Sounds

    Animal Sounds

    Listen up! Animals may not be able to talk, but they communicate using all different types of sounds.

  • Compass

    Use A Compass

    Finding your way with a compass is easier than you think. Learn an important skill for navigating the forest.

  • Forest in the City Video

    Forest in the City Video

    Can there be a forest hiding inside the city? Watch this PBS KIDS Plum Landing video with Ranger Jesse and find out!

  • City in the Forest Video

    City in the Forest Video

    How is a forest like a city? Find out as these kids from PBS KIDS Plum Landing explore the roots and canopies of a local forest.

  • Biodiversity Bingo!

    Biodiversity Bingo

    How many different kinds of plants and animals live in your neighborhood? Find out by trying this PBS KIDS Plum Landing scavenger hunt!

  • Habitat Sweet Habitat

    Habitat Sweet Habitat

    What do animals do when they are hungry, thirsty, or tired? Find out in this PBS KIDS Plum Landing activity!

  • Project Learning Tree Family Guide

    Sound Safari

    What kinds of sounds do you hear around your neighborhood? Try this PBS KIDS Plum Landing Sound Safari activity to find out!

  • Project Learning Tree Family Guide

    Project Learning Tree Family Guide

    Be inspired to take personal responsibility for improving the environment. The goal is for children to "learn by doing."

  • Symbols Cache

    More activities and materials for you to take with you... offline.

  • Jr. Ranger Programs

    The Jr. Ranger Programs use Forest Service science and practices to encourage children 7 through 13 to enjoy and appreciate nature.

  • Forest Snapshot Game

    Forest Snapshot Game

    Get behind the lens and take photos of your favorite forest friends in their natural settings.

  • Take A Virtual Hike

    The virtual hikes found here are a perfect way to get to know a little about our wild neighbours.